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Dr. Perlman in the Media


Dr. Adam Perlman on The Today Show

Could you be addicted to stress? The science isn’t fully clear but in this interview on The Today Show, I explain the difference between acute stress, which can actually be motivating and chronic stress, which can be crippling.

IG Live: Dr. Mark Hyman x Dr. Adam Perlman

How To Improve The Quality of Your Life

As someone who has been an integrative physician for the last 20 + years, I have obviously been exposed to this concept of mindfulness, the ability to be present in the moment. When you think of mindfulness, it is just the ability to be present, to be here, not in your mind wandering to the past or future.

Cryotherapy Benefits & Results

I tried cryotherapy for the first time at CryoEvolution in Mt. Pleasant, SC, near Charleston.

Finding Your Purpose Everyday

So many people think “okay I want more purpose and meaning in my life”. They say, “I heard this was important and it was mentioned on this podcast. . .” So, what do they do? They go out and buy the Dalai Lama’s book or the biography of Gandhi and they make it all seem so overwhelming.

Dr. Adam Perlman on The Dr. Gundry Podcast

Join Dr. Perlman as he and Dr. Gundry discuss GLP-1 and Akkermansia and their incredible impact on metabolic health.

Dr. Adam Perlman – Intentional Action


Health for Longevity

You know there is a saying now that 100 is the new 80, that people are expecting to live to 100 years of age. Of course, we want to live a long life, but we want to live a life of health. We want to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. We also want to be healthy spiritually and have a strong sense of meaning and purpose in life. We want to wake up each morning and know why the day matters.

The Powerful Benefits of Exercise

Adam’s talk after Synchronicity’s Connect & Sweat

Becoming an Expert on You

Healthy Fast Food Choices

Organic vs Natural: The Healthiest Eggs You Can Buy

The True Health Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Probiotics

Today we’re going to talk about what I think is one of the next frontiers in our understanding of the human body and how we comprehend our health which is our microbiota…

The Benefits of Floatation Tank Therapy

In a hyper-connected era, sensory-deprivation float tanks are rising again in popularity.

It seems the the practice of floating in sensory-deprivation chambers or float tanks — pitch-black, soundproof capsules popularized by artists in the 1970s — is enjoying a frenzied renaissance, with new float centers popping up almost weekly in cities and suburbs nationwide.

A Plan For Sleeping Well

I am with my wife Laurice, we are in our bedroom and not surprisingly because we want to talk about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Sustaining Healthy Habits and Weight Loss

Watch my interview with Brian Durbin MEd, CSCS of Synchronicity as we discuss sustaining healthy habits and weight loss.

Eating Healthier When Dining Out

My wife Laurice and I enjoy eating out, but we also want to stick to our healthier habits. The first thing we do is look at the menu. In this video, we visit one of our favorite places, Tropical Smoothie. They break down everything on the menu, including what’s in all the different dishes and they even give you the calories, but you still need to be a little bit careful because there can be hidden things. You can really order a lot of calories in a smoothie if you’re not careful.

How To Be More Mindful

My friend Marty recommended I read The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz. It got me thinking about mindfulness, which I do think about a lot and try to cultivate in my own life. It feels like there tends to be a lot of confusion nowadays about what mindfulness is, people sort of equate it with meditation. I think it is the ability to be present, to be awake and aware in this moment, not to have our mind wandering. Meditation is one of the ways to cultivate the ability to be present in a more formal way but not the only way to strengthen your ability to be present.

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